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Contrasts! for twelve euphoniums was written at the suggestion of Toru Miura, the director of the Euphonium Company of Tokyo, Japan, an exceptionally talented and energetic group of musicians.

I first saw the Euphonium Company perform a few years ago at the University of Kentucky (U.S.A.) when the Tubist Universal Brotherhood Association (T.U.B.A.) was holding its international meeting there. That was when I first met the ensemble's highly imaginative and energetic director, Toru Miura, who asked me to write a work for the Euphonium Company. I accepted his request immediately because I enjoy writing for brass.

Contrasts! is a one-movement work in four sections. It begins with a slow Introduction in which I emphasize the beautiful sonority of the ensemble. The following Allegro is in three sections, ABA', where the group of twelve euphoniums is often divided and treated as three quartets. The work in intended to display the agile musical ability of the fine performers and display the range and sonority of the instrument. The composition is modal/pandiatonic.

I enjoyed writing Contrasts! for the Euphonium Company--a group of outstanding musicians.

The composition is modal/pandiatonic.

This work has not yet been recorded professionally.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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