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Trombone Quartet

  1. Intrada ~ mp3
  2. "Chorale" ~ mp3
  3. Scherzo ~ mp3

I wrote Trombone Quartet while I as at the MacDowell Artists Colony in New Hampshire in April of 1972. It is something of a showpiece for trombones. Its three short movements display the trombone is a variety of ways.

The first movement, "Intrada," contrasts the aggressive capabilities of the instrument with a more piquant mood. The short "Chorale" is broad and harmonically rich, while the last movement, "Scherzo," uses a combination of muted and open sounds in a technical tour de force.

The work is dedicated to Brian Bowman who encouraged me in its composition.

Trombone Quartet has been recorded by High Anxiety Bones on "Too Scared to Play", Albany Records: TROY346

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