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Panda Dances

  1. Festivo ~ mp3
  2. Gentilmente ~ mp3
  3. Giochevole ~ mp3
  4. Piacevole ~ mp3
  5. Gaio ~ mp3

As a horn player in wind quintets over many years, I always enjoy writing for this combination of instruments.

Panda Dances is a set of five cheerful movements all roughly dance-like in character.

For my own amusement I put a short reference to Haydn's symphony "l'Ours" in the horn part as accompaniment to the second theme in the first movement.

The second movement is waltz-like.

The third is in an irregular meter, 5/8, with frequent exchanges of the beat groupings 2+3 and 3+2. I did this with humorous intent, even though it presents a challenge for the performers.

The fourth movement is slow and stately, rather pastoral in mood. The last is actually two short dances linked together without pause between them; the first in triple meter and the second in duple, after the old Renaissance formula of Tanz-Nachtanz.

Panda Dances (Wind Quintet No. 3) has been recorded by the Albemarle Ensemble on VIRGINIA ARTS RECORDING: VA-95216-CD.

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