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Old Joe Clark's Musical Offering

Old Joe Clark's Musical Offering is a parody on the famous Musical Offering by J.S. Bach. The melody used for a set of canons and a "sonata" is the American folk song Old Joe Clark, a tune in mixolydidan mode (called mountain minor in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia) with a seemingly endless number of outrageous verses.

The trio has been concieved for several combinations of the oboe family. The canons are always between the two upper voices, and can be played as duets if desired, adding a third part on a repeat of the music.

The piece is dedicated to Jennifer Paull who is internationally recognized as the foremost proponent of and performer on the oboe d'amore.

This work has not yet been recorded professionally.

For archival quality scans of scores and parts, or lossless audio recordings please ask here.

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