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~ Concerto for Euphonium, Symphonic Brass and Timpani

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Concerto for Euphonium, Symphonic Brass and Timpani

  1. Fantasia
  2. Choral variations
  3. Scherzo

My Euphonium Concerto was commissioned by Kennesaw College in Georgia. The brass ensemble director there asked me for a concerto for a professional soloist and an ensemble of younger performers.

The first movement opens with a dramatic introduction followed by a cadenza in the solo instrument. The principal idea is then heard in the euphonium, and the movement continues in a series of episodes and developments of the main idea. The second movement is a theme and three variations on the old hymn, "Der Alte Jahr Vergangen ist". The last movement is a scherzo, so called because of the humorous interplay between the rhythm and the meter.

This work has not yet been recorded professionally.

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